New Garage Door – The Right Way

Many homeowners are often in the dark when it comes to choosing and buying a new garage door. This is not surprising given that the lifespan of a modern well-made door is 30 years. However, if you find yourself in the situation where you have to replace your door, here are some helpful tips provided by the experts at Garage Doors Plus of Minneapolis, to help guide you on how to purchase a garage door, the right way.

Getting A New Garage Door Based On Your Needs

modern style new garage doorSure, that state-of-the-art new garage door you saw online has all the bells and whistles and then some but the question is do you really need it? Conversely, the low-end door might be cheap now but is it going to cause you more headaches later on? Choose a door style, size and construction according to what you need. Keep in mind that a door is a vital component of your home’s exterior. Select based on need, not just on price or what is available at the moment.

Keep it Standard

A lot of the newer buildings will be able to accept a standard sized garage door but if the building is a bit old, chances are it won’t. It is for this reason that precise measurements should be taken before choosing a door. Your garage door professional should be measuring the opening and the distance from door track to garage ceiling.

Select Construction Materials Wisely

There are many materials that your new garage door can be made of. For instance, Aluminum, wood steel or synthetic materials. Each of them has a purpose and each can deliver based on what they promise. Factors to consider when it comes to materials are: budget, ease of maintenance, durability and of course curb appeal.

Style of Your New Garage Door

One of the quickest ways to give your home a facelift is to purchase a new set of garage doors for your home. Therefore, style is very important to the end result. Ask yourself whether or not you prefer to get a more vintage appearance or go for a modern look. Are decorative hinges and door handles within the scope of your budget? Do you prefer something with a flush three panel or something raised four-panel variant?

Safety and Security That Comes From A New Garage Door

Modern garage doors come with a lot of bells and whistles and the great news is that most of these come as standard features to a typical door. For instance, built-in tilt sensor or auto-lock system to give you more security. Want to go all out? Choose a door that

new garage door installed

is connected online where you can control the door using your smart phone. If you live in an area that is prone to inclement weather or if you want top of the line security, a heavy steel door might just be the perfect one for you.


If you are the kind of homeowner that loves to spend time in the garage, insulation therefore should be high on your priority list. A two to three layer door can insulate the garage and make it more comfortable to occupy while at the same time, keep your electricity bills low.