Helpful Tips On Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Kitchen Remodel with modern touches

During a remodel, the kitchen countertop is arguably the first thing that any person sees. Similar to flooring, choosing your kitchen countertop should go beyond just physical appearance only. You should consider greatly also maintenance, dependability and of course budget. In the same vein, kitchen cabinetry should be planned accordingly based on functionality, storage and aesthetic appeal.  Here are some tips to help you choose the best options for your remodeling project.


Natural Stone

There is nothing like natural stone that exudes opulence and beauty. Among the different selections available, granite is still the number one choice. The reason mostly lies in its natural beauty. It features a very hard surface that is not only very strong but requires periodic sealing in order to minimize staining. Other options available for kitchens include: limestone, marble and soapstone but these are more sensitive materials that need more tender loving care.


Wood is a classic material that you can use for your kitchen remodel. The prime example is butcher block countertops. These are easy to clean and may be easily maintained with wood oil but is sensitive to water damage. Wood is the ideal material to use for specific work around the kitchen.


Considered as the most durable, cost effective and one of the most dependable materials for kitchen countertops. It is scratch and heat resistant. It is highly adaptable and can be made to look like the most expensive natural stone available. It does require sealing in order to prevent moisture absorption.

Engineered Stone

Quartz is considered the most common material for engineered stone. Quartz has even overtaken granite as the most popular material for use in kitchen countertops. Similar to granite in price, quartz countertops consist of rock fragments bound with resin and provide better overall consistency and lesser maintenance requirements if compared with natural stone. Moreover, quartz is known to be more resistant to staining and does not require sealing unlike granite does.

Plastic Laminate

Among the different materials available, laminate is considered the most affordable option. It is available in a range of different designs and colors. The downside being is it can be damaged by hot pans and pots.

Kitchen Cabinetry

There is no doubt that tearing down your old kitchen cabinetry and replacing them with brand new ones can create a big hole in your pocket. If you have a limited budget, try kitchen cabinet refacing instead. Refacing lets you keep your existing cabinets and just augment the exterior with a nice veneer. Replace the doors and voila, your cabinets look like new again.

Painting your kitchen cabinets is also another avenue to take when remodeling your kitchen. While it looks and sounds simple enough, it does require a lot of planning and patience. Aside from the significant prep time, melamine cabinets will need paint that will actually stick to its surface. If you have wood then there is no problem. If you think this option is not for you, then it might be best to just do some good research on kitchen cabinetmakers to help you in your remodel. Keep in mind though that kitchen cabinets are divided into two groups namely the base where the countertop is situated and wall cabinets, which is normally screwed into the wall for storing plates, pans, and glassware and food stuffs. When remodeling your kitchen cabinets, do not go cheap on space so you can save on money. Select base cabinets that offer deep drawer space and consider also wall cabinets that go all the way up your ceiling. Do know that storage is one of the most important aspects of a kitchen remodel.

Helpful Tips On Your Kitchen Remodeling Project
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