Home Additions: Patio Designs For You To Consider

The patio is one area of your home that is best suited for entertaining friends and family. It should be a place that provides good aesthetic value to set the mood and good functionality to comply with the needs of the area. Thinking of a home addition or remodel soon? Here are some patio designs for you to consider.

Texture and Safety of Patio Surface

The experts at Silverton Custom Homes say you need to consider what your patio generally will be used for. For instance, flat, even areas are a necessity for a dining area, living rooms and for good access. Whereas, rough cobblestones and textured aggregate concrete pavers may cause a guest or family member to trip or may disrupt the movement of a person with disability. On the other hand. A very smooth surface such as polished granite or concrete can become extremely slippery when wet. The application of resistant-slip coatings is a necessity for high traffic areas of your patio if that is the case.

Try Concrete

Concrete offers a durable, dependable, attractive and cost effective surface for your patio. Concrete pavers may be cast into a variety of different sizes, colors and shapes. On top of that, different finishes and textures can be applied to it such as aggregate, faux finishes, etchings, stamping and hand carving. Textural surfaces can be created from something as simple as rakes and brooms to make your patio look truly unique.


You can check out a local supplier to know what type of natural stone is present in your area. Choices include: cut stone, veneer, cobblestone and flagstone. Both concrete pavers and stone are spaced apart and with loose materials like gravel or sound it can fill in the gaps.

Paver Pathway

You could envision a stairway on a slope that provides sexy curves that exude a sense of mystery and intrigue as opposed to a simple straight up and down design. Concrete steps may be used to align with a low retaining wall in order to establish a straight line before the curve of the steps and then switch to ipe wood risers. You can use simple concrete square pavers that are evenly placed in a bed of pea gravel to create a modern look. Create a warm hue using a mahogany wood stain on the ipe.

Divide Space into Zones

When designing a backyard patio try to create multiple seating sections for lounging, gathering and eating. This can help divide your patio into sections to provide better space and functionality.


When remodeling your patio it is a must to pay attention to the lighting. Ambience is an essential element to any backyard entertaining. To make the most out of your patio you should be able to create the right mood for the area. You can take your backyard from day to night with the use of overhead lighting such as string lights and task lighting like lanterns, lit cubes and planters. Add the right music into the mix and you have the perfect patio setup.

Go Beyond Grass

While it is true that a well maintained lawn always has a place in landscaping, the maintenance needed such as watering, pest control etcetera can hinder homeowners from truly taking advantage of this concept. Replace the lawn area of your patio with some low maintenance plants that can improve the appearance of your home as well as offer year-round interest.

The patio is the area of the home where you entertain your friends and family. Choosing the right materials can make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Blending elements that complement the overall design of your home is key to any backyard patio remodeling project.

Home Additions: Patio Designs For You To Consider
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